Where do Magdas Come From?

For the first three years of her life, Magda convinced herself that she was a caterpillar. After all, it was beside a caterpillar that she hatched, so it only made sense that she was a caterpillar, too. In the same respect, the underside of a branch is where she began, so she assured herself that the underside of the branch was just the way things were. Crawling on her belly, clinging with all her might, Magda’s first few years were not glamorous. It was only when she heard someone from the other side of the branch mention a tea party that she decided the top of the branch sounded like a very good idea.

Realizing then that caterpillars wouldn’t know the first thing about tea, and that she’d been living a lie all along, Magda threw herself out of the tree, wailing the whole way to the ground. It was there that Magda met Nee-Chee, a tiny cat-like creature, who had been kindly unaware of the fact that she would soon make a very soft and fuzzy landing mat.

They became instant friends on Magda’s terms and set up shack in the roots of the umbrella tree, after discovering Nee-Chee’s paralyzing fear of heights– the hard way.



  1. Kat says:

    I love this story.

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