Useful Parts

I figured out my funk. I’m a writer! Not the best writer, or a particularly interesting writer. No, I am a self-professed writer! The bar is set limbo-low when you’re not focused on proving anything to anyone but yourself. This is giving me the type of smug satisfaction that I feel whenever I empty the dishwasher or call to make an appointment somewhere: “I am an adult and I’ve just done an adult thing.”

I like to write, and I feel a deep satisfaction when I write something that I like enough to share. I encourage you to do what you feel. It has taken eight years of suffocating myself to realize that there are practical applications for your impractical interests. I don’t think I would have gotten this clarity had I not started doing my exercise thing. I absolutely believe that having a yoga practice is helping to line every single part of me into harmony. Next at bat, Sugar Addiction?


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