Todaybourday is Labour Day

No it’s not. But it was recently Labour Day, so I’m sticking with it. Hello friends, how have you been?

I just wanted to pop by and apologize for not ever updating this blog. I think I let its fanciness phase me into feeling like I wasn’t cool enough to be posting in it. Shhhh don’t try to reason with me. I wanted this blog to be more important than my other blog. I wanted to use it to talk about important things that people like. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting a whole lot more from here on out– about my FEELINGS and LIFE. You connect the dots for yourselves.  I think you’ll like it. And if you don’t, you get to google “baby buffalo” and move on with your life.

Remember my Bucket List? Hehehehe looks like somebody’s been taking baby steps. It’s me! I’m taking the baby steps! In all kinds of ways!

I call this stage of my life Seafaring. I have set my coordinates and I’m on my way. Do I know anything about sailing? Meh. Do I know what to expect on the way? -ish.  Do I know how long it will take? Kinda. Do I have a ragtag crew of gluttonous drunkards by my side? Aw yiss. I’m just going to keep heading towards that star until I encounter my next obstacle. Then I’ll adjust my course as necessary, and start north again once the storm subsides (or until I blow up the island that’s blocking my goddamn ship).

I hope you all have your mighty sealegs equipped, because I’d really like your company. I also hope you like mermaids, cause we LARP pretty hard on weekends.

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