The Worst Thing to Happen to Anyone Ever

Remember that post where you willingly and enthusiastically listened to me talk about makeup? And how I mentioned my new eyelash curler, and how pretty it was? Well, I figured out the source of its power– disfiguring those that seek to enhance their beauty with it, and absorbing their self confidence.


Ok, I realize a more accurate title for this post would be “the worst eyelash-related experience that I have ever personally experienced” but that’s hardly going to draw the reader in. Basically there was an issue with the curler that resulted in me panicking and tearing out a clump of my eyelashes. It has probably also resulted in what will turn out to be a lifelong phobia of eyelash curlers. But always look on the bright side, right? Now I have a project!!! And I’m taking you guys along for the ride.

The working title for this series of blog updates is “Even Jesus Didn’t Have Lashes This Bad!” but I’m open to suggestions.

My game plan is as follows:
-vitamin e
-stop touching the bald spot Hannah
-try not to cry
-cry a lot

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