Technically an Update

I spent the last few days on the island. We were over there for a wedding (more on that later) and decided to make the trip over to Tofino afterwards. I’d never been to Tofino before– the sand was exactly how I’d heard it described, and, since that was everything I’d ever heard about Tofino, I was satisfied. It was overcast the entire time, which was irritating because it was just so damn beautiful in Duncan on the day of the wedding.

Ah yes, the wedding. Highlights of my thoughts that night include, “do I look pretty enough,” and later “do I look too pretty?” I also sampled some “do people really like my hair or are they just saying it because they don’t know what else to do?” It was a beautiful wedding that had no effect on my emotional state whatsoever.

ah, that kind of drunk

Back to the mysterious Tofino and it’s cold, cold days. I lied earlier when I said I hadn’t heard anything else about Tofino. I had also heard that it was a town for surfing, and nature lovers. It was pretty beautiful, even in the gloom. Highlights include Long Beach, the plane crash hike, and Tacofino. Oh, Tacofino. I am ready to commission a painting of a Tacofino fish taco taking me on a moonlit magic carpet ride over a crowded city filled with all the terrible fish tacos that I’ve ever been subjected to. We had to go back twice in the same day because my world was so altered by this fish taco. This fish taco validated the existence of fish tacos to me. I feel like I should stop about this taco, but I just can’t, because it’s the only way I can share this life experience with you. It was so sacred to me that I didn’t even take its photo.


I’ve come up with a lot of creative ideas that will take a lot of effort and determination to execute. I wish I had a Hannah clone that I could send out into the front lines for me.

Question: Is it worth the energy?
Hypothesis: No.
If they had a confidence pill, I would take it.

where does this go

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