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Rapid Cycling

It’s October, and that means the cold is slipping in again. But this time you’re ready for it. You went down to Granville Island and got one of those artisan weiner dog door sweeps that’s filled with beans. It’s quirky and cute and fun to thwap around. You took that...

Nothing Changes

So, you’ve decided to do something you’ve always wanted to do. How do you feel? Anxious and forlorn? You must be Hannah. When I was little my granddad told me about the many bike tours that he had done in Europe, and how Ireland was simply one of the best...

Bucket List

Maybe you’ve heard of Alice’s Bucket List? After Alice, a young lady from England, found out that her cancer was terminal, she created a blog called “Alice’s Bucket List” to keep track of all the magical and menial things that she dreamed of doing with her life. She listed amazing...