Presently Hapful

So, I moved. That was a while ago now, but I haven’t had a chance to really enjoy my new space, because I’ve been so busy doing things I hate. That’s in the past though, and now I get to sit on my couch and pretend that none of it ever happened! As far as I’m concerned, I was born right here in this living room, and I have never had a single responsibility in this world (other than making myself pot after pot of tea).

my living room

I am writing a book. I am actually writing 3 books. Maybe 5, or 7. You tell me, Warner Brothers! Just take my word for it and start sending me those sweet, sweet cheques. I am consumed with writing it. I can not focus on anything because I am always getting ideas that are so important that I have to run off and write them down. Hold that thought, grandma– I’m an artist!

So, stay tuned for eventual previews. Maybe I’ll do that thing where I release it for free, chapter by chapter, in the hopes that you’ll send money my way after you find that you appreciated it. I don’t know. I’ve only been doing a bit of research on publishing in today’s technological age, because I’ve been too busy actually writing the book. And procrastinating. Like now! A-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaa.

I am going back to SF in June for a *~GIIIIIIIRLLLLS’ TRIIIIIIIIPPPP~*. I have been packed for weeks, in case you were wondering how excited I am to see two of my bestest besties. We’re gonna talk about being powerful, driven, talented young women, and we’re gonna wear pretty dresses. That means travel AND fashion posts upon my return! Eek, eek, EEEEEK!

Anddddd this is my blog, about me, so I guess I will also mention that I’ve been unwell for a couple months. Reduced appetite, sensitive digestive tract, unintentional weight loss, fatigue, compromised immune system– very glamorous. Everyone is telling me how great I look. On the one hand, I’m really loving this positive feedback, but on the other, I’m maybe dying? Anyway, I’ve got professionals lined up to help me, so I’m not worried.

In fact, right now I don’t have a single care in the world. I am here, now, on my couch, with my tea, and my story. I’m very happy and hopeful.


  1. mug says:

    what – i’ve had the same symptoms! i am seeing a oncologist/hematologist. she is… useless.

    that window is ~totes~ **amazing**. so much light. it’s like living in a mariah carey video.

    • Hannah says:

      Ugh that sounds like effort and also terrible. Excuse me while I lounge in a sunbeam and pretend I don’t have to deal with it.

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