The yoga studio that I attend has lots of different classes. I like to try new things, but it can be daunting when you don’t know what you’re doing! Even more so when you’re trying to keep your pride in tact. I don’t like messing up, and I don’t like when people know that I’ve messed up. Life would be easier if I weren’t so concerned about my precious dignity.

Enter Power Yoga. I struggle with power yoga, because I’M NEW. No, not because I’m weak (my muscles are “in training”, ok?) or uncoordinated (just imagine that I’m a baby giraffe learning how to walk) or incapable (well…). I’m just learning, is all. I think I’m going to run a victory lap around the universe on the day that I do a headstand.

There’s power in surrender. I am not good at this– yet.

What’s that? “We want more elephant things?” Alright, everyone, calm down.


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