Poker Victory = Steak Dinner

Jeremy swindled some loser out of their money today, so he brought me home ahi tuna steaks to cook for him! Well, he wanted to cook them himself with garlic and olive oil. I said, “Jeremy? Get out of the kitchen, go down the street and bring me some ginger and a shallot– it’s tuna tataki time.”


The fish got coated with pepper, (bacon)salt, ginger, and a few drippy drops of sesame oil. Jackie says you’re supposed to add sesame oil at the end of cooking, but I always forget until after I add it. Then I made a killer sauce with ginger, shallot, soy sauce, lime juice, pepper and olive oil, which I poured on top of the fish after I seared it (hopefully enough to keep my organs firmly planted within my abdomen tonight). It tasted really good! I never wanted it to end!

Oh, Christmas Troy!

I officially had all my Christmas gifts done as of Wednesday this week! I’ve been debating whether or not I’ll make Christmas cards this year. If I did, it would mean I could go to Paper-Ya! But that would mean I’d be spending $80 on card stock, instantly. Oh, Paper-Ya, why are you so delicious?

I have been reflecting a lot about this time of year, and what it means to me. Annie Edison said it best: Christmas isĀ “the crazy notion that the longest, coldest, darkest nights can be the warmest and brightest.” Merrymaking, revelry, lights– these are the things that I care about the most. But still… I hope that everyone likes their gifts.

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