On Eyelashes and Twigs

Here’s some good eyelash-related news: they’re growing back pretty steadily. I am not really obsessed with them at all anymore, but I still think it’s an important process to document. Science!

6 Weeks

I am anticipating a nice tasty cheque within the next few weeks that will enable me to get a fancy juicer. I am excited to give that whole thing a try, but I also think that cucumber juice sounds terrible.

Jeremy and I took a field trip to Stanley Park to gather some fallen twigs for a jewellery holder I wanted to make. In retrospect, I wondered if I was supposed to take any part of nature from the park, but now I’m pretty confident that the discarded prunings on the manicured lawns surrounding the golf course are fair game. We sat by the pond and watched a swan paddle all the way across, ploughing through duck after feeble duck to see if we had any bread. We didn’t, so, sorry ducks. We were also accosted by some really naughty raccoons, and then a fat squirrel topped things off by eating an acorn all hunched over and nommy.


Behold! Twigs lashed together to form a maple leaf-y kind of shape. I also made an antlers-y kind of shaped one. GIVEAWAY?!?! Maybe, if you’re good. Jeremy also bought a new mirror for me. I put my mom’s wedding silver tray on the dresser underneath it, then set up my makeup on the tray. It’s a little bit luxurious, you guys. I feel a little bit fancy, here. Next on the to-do list is improved lighting, and repainting. Oh yeah and to stop procrastinating and finish (start) my Community fanscript! It’s called Classic Literature¬†and I hope Jim Rash will come over after school one day to act it out with me.


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