Lightening the Mood

Dark times call for new lamps. But why buy a new lamp when you can recycle some of the crap in your house?


Take your wrought iron birdcage and those string lights that you kind of broke. Combine cleverly. It’s a nice warm light, good for cuddles and nightcaps.


And look! That toothpick holder thing that I picked up in Japantown! He’s holding my eyeliner and brushes! What a guy.


I’m seeing Prince on Tuesday. This is a big deal. “1999” came out a few years before I was born, and some of my first memories are boogieing around the living room to his badass squealing. I find some of his lyrics to be a bit– how do you say it? Hypocritical? Dickish? But the music rocks so hard, I want really to hear his new stuff. I never thought I’d see him live, it’s like a dream. Maybe one day I’ll get to see Bowie! Maybe I’ll travel back in time and see Queen or Guns N’ Roses! If you need me, I’ll be in my lab.

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