Keep it Together, Han!

Did I seriously not do a post on making ginger lemon honey? How is that possible? Stop me if you’ve heard this one: you take honey, ginger chunks and lemon slices, and you put them in a pot. You put the pot on an element on a stove, and you turn the element on. Then, after a while, you pour the mixture into a jar. You keep the jar in the fridge until you need some of its contents (you take it out of the fridge at that point, but replace it inside the fridge once you’ve finished using it).

You've gotta improvise, Lisa


Why do I bring this up now? I’m fighting a cold, you see, and there is a global Neocitran shortage, you see. So I’ve had to make my own using crushed up pills, whiskey and ginger lemon honey, you see. I feel fantastic. This morning I told Jeremy to make sure that there were no Skittles left in the house by the time that I got home from work, but he really dropped the ball. Now I am trying to find a way to make a garnish using Skittles. Hope he sleeps well at night.

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