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Hello team, and welcome to another seat-gripping instalment of Fashion for Lazies. Hope you hate well thought out productions, cause here we go!

When my aunt passed away, my uncle gave me some of her jewellery and accessories at Christmas (which I found to be a really beautiful gesture, in case you plan on dying any time soon). One year my uncle gave me a beautiful scarf of my aunt’s. When I unwrapped it, I recognized it as hers and excitedly brought it up to my face to inhale her. But two fingers quickly pinched out the flame in my chest– it didn’t smell like her anymore. I recently Frankensteined some of her earrings into pieces that I can wear every day. At first I was really hesitant to desecrate her things, but I decided that she would be excited to see what I made, especially because they were hers.


The pieces bequeathed to me were pretty exceptional to begin with, so I didn’t have much work cut out for me. I love how these earrings are complimentary rather than identical. Like a good pair of eyebrows, they’re sisters instead of twins.

I went to this really cool kind of flea markety thing called the Beggars Banquet to visit a friend who was hocking her wares. I knew exactly what I was there to buy because I had been strung along by her sneek peek tweets in the weeks leading up to the event. Behold!


It’s a jean jacket with leather sleeves by B.B. Revised Vintage! I’ve paired it here with an $18 find from Forever 21. It’s pretty amazing that Tamara can take old things and make them brand new again with just a few magic snip-snip whirr-whirrs. You should check out her etsy to see more of her work. Next on my wishlist is a leather vest, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say.

Lastly, this amazing Victorian brooch that JJ got me for Valentine’s Day. He says he felt like I was giving him a command when I showed it to him (and then talked for days about how I was trying to justify buying it). It worked out well for me in the end, though, so the means are looking completely irrelevant. I wonder who it belonged to. I wonder if it was a gift or a little self-splurge. For a special occasion? Just because?

Victorian Cameo


See, that was pretty cohesive, right? There was a theme, consistent structure, a formula. I got this blog writer thing in the bag.

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