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You know what’s great about being an artist? You get to justify everything you do as being an inspirational exercise. Chopin got his inspiration for the Minute Waltz by watching a little dog chasing its tail. I’m channeling Chopin by watching pet vids on YouTube all day. I guess what I’m getting at here is: I still don’t have a quality blog post for you.

But I purchased my juicer, guys! The Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL is sitting at the post office, just waiting to be delivered into my open arms tomorrow! Amazing facts about my juicer include:

  • makes juice
  • on sale
  • and more


I will talk more about Jon Bon Juicy once I’m positive he doesn’t eat hands (or eyelashes).

Jeremy and I recently got to go on a really lovely date with another couple to The Storm Crow Tavern. Everything everyone has been saying about the chickpea fries has been true; they are so, so good, you have just got to try the chickpea fries. We have a double couples date scheduled for the end of the month and I am going to prepare an amazing vegetarian something-or-other to bring as an offering to our hosts. Just you wait!

My pal Magda has been back in town and I’ve got to be her reader for a few (8? 9?) auditions. I’d like to write a screenplay myself one day. A while back Magda hired me to edit hers (in what I figure will forever reign as one of the most validating moments of my existence as a writer). It is a very good story with female empowerment undertones that make me go “yeah.”

On a sad note, Save-On put the cilantro where they usually put the parsley, so now I have cilantro. In my house. I’ll juice it with a jalapeno and let you know what happens. If I don’t come back, know that I love you all, and really hate cilantro.


  1. mama says:

    I feel your cilantro shame, but if you put it in salsa it becomes somehow acceptable, and even desirable.

    Oh, and I hate your bot recog thing (basic level, in a word for animal), what the fuck does that mean?

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