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Just So We’re Clear

I’m ok. I’m not writing and sharing these because I want to jump into a volcano and need somebody to stop me doing it. I’m just having growing pains, which is normal, and I communicate to myself through writing, which is also normal. I share these communications because…I’m a blogger!...

Also I’m a Robot

Several weeks ago my Grandad suffered a stroke. He spent seven weeks in the hospital and was recently transferred to a hospice, which is actually quite nice overall, and a very strange thing to be happy about without context. It had been extremely difficult for me to see him crammed...

We Broke Up

Three months ago I left Jeremy. I haven’t mentioned it because I wondered if we’d get back together, and I didn’t want to go spreading our business everywhere. It’s obvious to me now that that isn’t going to happen, so I think it’s time to say my piece. It happened...

ilu5ever ;*

15 years ago I somehow wound up in a bad part of the internet. The internet has never been a great place for women– let alone 13 year old girls. The parts that I was hanging out in were even less welcoming. All I heard from my community (when I...

Phase Two Complete

I’ve been relatively cryptic about the events leading up to my decision to validate my passion for writing. I don’t believe that the stigma surrounding mental illness is warranted or excusable, but when it comes to my own battle with it, the details are just something that I’d rather not...

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